Photo Credit: S. Maxwell

"Men don't need support"

"You're still Cis Gender"

"Men have it easy"

"Man up!" 

"Be a man!" 

"That's so gay" 

"No homo"

"Boys don't cry"

"You're not like other guys"

"You're different, you're one of the girls"

"All the good men are gay"

"I bet I can turn you straight"

"You just haven't met the right woman" 

"Men don't experiment, once they do they're tainted"

"I'll save our relationship if he lays with another woman, but not if he lays with a man"

"You're too cute to be queer" 

"You can't be queer because you're masculine"

"I support I just don't care to see public displays of affection"

"I need a gay best friend"

 Fostering progressive brave spaces. 

It is NOT ok to: